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Christopher Hazzard






228 N. Colorado Ave.

Minden, NE 68959-1623

Ambassadors of Reconciliation Staff

Christian Reconciler™ - Coach 

Christian Reconciler™ - Foundational

Christian Reconciler™ - Advanced 

Christian Reconciler™ - Specialized

Completed Training

Ambassadors of Reconciliation, September 2109, Williamsburg, VA

Ambassadors of Reconciliation, September 2019, Williamsburg, VA

Adjudicating Disputes

Certified Christian Conciliator™

Certified Relational Conciliator™

I provide pro-bono services


An honorarium to cover travel expenses would be gratefully received.

Available Services

Preferred Cases

I am new to reconciliation, and plan to pursue ICC Certification. I would prefer to observe and assist a more experienced reconciler, eventually learning by doing. I do not have the flexibility or means to do much traveling at this point. I have completed most coursework toward a M.S. in Pastoral Counselling from Iona College in New Rochelle, NY, and have developed listening and caring skills. My undergraduate degree is in International Studies, and I am open to serving in cross-cultural cases.


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