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We often strive to cover up our sin, sinning even more.  When King David had his affair with Bathsheba, he became desperate to hide his secret.  But he involved so many others that he really only deceived himself.  In this skit, three fictional servants come together to gossip about the latest buzz in the kingdom.  The story they put together about David's affair reflects the biblical narrative in 2 Samuel 11.  Demonstrates how we deceive ourselves when we try to hide our sin.  This skit complements the skit "Nathan and King David".  Uses three actors and a narrator.  Takes about 4 minutes.  NOTE:  you can watch this skit on the DVD Responding to Sexual Temptation in a High Tech Society.  If you decide to order this skit, an email will be sent to you with a download link.


Preview this skit here


Teen Audiences

Target teens and their parents. These skits are great for:

  • Youth retreats and live-ins
  • Youth-led worship services
  • Youth Bible studies
  • High school chapels
  • Teen camps
  • Confirmation retreats

The Latest Buzz - Skit

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