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Listed below are articles about aspects of our mission of reconciliation. They are presented in downloadable pdf format.

Governance Issues in Lutheran Churches

A Christian Response to Idolatry Politics by Dwight Schettler

Supervision Issues in Christian Ministry

Conflict an Opportunity? I Hate Conflict! by Ted Kober

How We Treat Each Other in the Church by Ted Kober

An Environment of Forgiveness by Jennifer Boll

Sexting: A Dangerous New Temptation… by Ted Kober

Moving from the "Holy Howdy" to the "Kiss of Peace" by Ted Kober & Eric Sahlberg

Don't Confuse Conflict Resolution, Reconciliation by Ted Kober

Confession and Forgiveness: not just for Sunday morning by Ted Kober

What Makes a Church Healthy? by Ted Kober (originally published by South Wisconsin District–LCMS / Winter 2018, reprinted with permission)

Essays from the 64th Regular Convention of the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod
Essay #1: One People Forgiven Through Christ
Essay #2: One People Forgiven Through Christ to Forgive
Essay #3: One People Forgiven Through Christ to Forgive In the Family
Essay #4: One People Forgiven Through Christ to Forgive In the Church
Essay #5: The Kiss of Peace

Video: Why do we need a Bible study on Responding to Sexual Temptation in a High Tech Society?

Video: From Lawsuit to Reconciliation - Ted's Story

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