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Reconciler Chat Page

Christian Reconcilers are welcome to initiate one-on-one or group chat conversations with other reconcilers or students of AoR online courses (i.e. Personal Peacemaking) who they are mentoring or coaching!

The remainder of this page will be shown if you're logged in as a reconciler or student who has been invited into a chat by a reconciler.

To start a new conversation, enter the email address of the person (a reconciler or a student) with whom you'd like to chat, then click the "Create Conversation" button.

(Their email address is used only to identify them - chats are exchanged within our website. Chats will be emailed only if the recipient requests them to be emailed for a given conversation.)

This email address does not match any student or reconciler.

This email address does not match any student or reconciler.

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This table lists all of the chat conversations in which you are a member. Select a Chat Group, or enter someone's email above to create a conversation with them. Once you select a conversation, it will be expanded below the table.

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