Responding to Sexual Temptation in a High Tech Society Seminar

At a Glance

This training is designed to help Christians understand and respond to the impact of sexual temptation in our high tech society.

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"It's like the weight of the world has been lifted ... like the dark clouds have parted."

Former Student After Forgiveness was Proclaimed To His Situation

Who Should Attend?

While not everyone has personally experienced the specific use of Internet pornography, everyone in our society is impacted by its affects. Christians need to be aware of these new forms of temptation in our society so that they are better equipped to resist temptation, help restore others in their temptations, and be comforted in the hope of the Gospel. Every teen and adult Christian can benefit from this study.

Further, the approach to addressing sexual temptation relates directly to dealing with other forms of sin common to mankind. Whether or not the sin is sexual in nature, God’s Word provides direction for us in confronting sin, repentance, confession, forgiveness, and living the sanctified life.

What Makes This Temptation So Dangerous

The dangers of sexual sins come in many forms and are certainly not new to mankind. However, more than any other form of pornography known before, the exploding industry of Internet pornography threatens to spark a new wave of sexual immorality and misconduct in our homes, businesses, churches, and throughout society.

  • It is easily accessible to anyone regardless of age or gender.

  • It offers a sense of anonymity.

  • It seeks users out – a person doesn’t have to be looking for it.

  • It exposes users to all forms of sexual temptation.

  • It feeds sexual lust and contributes to a deeper progression of sexual sin.