Built on the Rock: The Healthy Congregation

What really makes a congregation healthy?

At a Glance

Based on Ted Kober’s book Built on the Rock, this seminar reviews what makes a church healthy based on four factors:

  • What do the Scriptures say?

  • What was observed in 25 years of church consultation experience?

  • What can be learned from qualitative research of healthy congregations?

  • What can be learned from quantitative research?


The objective of this seminar is to inspire and call church leaders back to the basics of what really makes a church healthy. Is it psychology? Sociology? The latest business practices? Or is it something else?

See what one church says about the Built on the Rock Leader's Pack

A healthy congregation is a place of grace…. I strongly recommend a careful study of Built on the Rock for pastors and leaders who know that church health always precedes fruitfulness. You’ll discover Christ-centered, practical advice to help you ‘maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace’ (Ephesians 4:3).

Rev. Dr. Darrell Zimmerman

Program Director, Grace Place Wellness Ministries

Who Should Attend?

Pastors, other professional church workers, and lay leaders all play key roles in the life of the church. These leaders are responsible for the health of their congregations. While there are many voices suggesting other ways to make a church healthy, this particular seminar focuses on spiritual health. Often, leaders seek worldly ideas to strengthen their congregations, which can be helpful. But if their church is not spiritually healthy, worldly wisdom will fail to make a church healthy.


This seminar inspires and provides practical guidance for improving church health. Who can benefit? Pastors, denominational leaders, elders and other lay leaders, teachers and administrators, other church professionals—anyone who serves as a leader in Christ’s church.


NOTE: This makes an ideal presentation for professional church worker conferences.


People who have taken this teaching to heart are reporting significant changes in their churches. Lay leaders are committing to Bible study—in the church and in their board meetings. Pastors and other church professionals are recommitting to personal study of the Word. Church attendance grows as Bible study attendance grows, and that leads to increased offerings. Most importantly, people are growing in their spiritual maturity. As her leaders and members grow spiritually, so does the body of Christ.

"Rarely does a book encourage, instruct, challenge, and uplift its readers. Built on the Rock did all of these things for me—as a Christian, a pastor, and a theologian…. Whether your church is conflicted or healthy, Built on the Rock will offer truth and encouragement to you, rooted in the Good News of Jesus Christ."

Rev. Dr. Jeffrey Gibbs

Professional of Exegetical Theology

Concordia Seminar, St. Louis, MO