Leadership Training

Leadership Training for congregations, education institutions, boards, districts, synods

Extensive Experience

Because of our extensive experience working with leaders, we have developed training to equip leaders for being more effective and productive in their work. Leaders learn to avoid destructive conflict and reconcile relationships while solving problems.

Pastor Giving a Sermon
Management Meeting

Who Can Benefit?

Those who have benefited from our past training include board members, pastors, elders and other lay leaders, teachers, administrators, circuit counselors, district and synodical presidents, counselors, lawyers, business people, and more.

What Kinds of Topics Can Be Addressed?

  • Lay Leadership Training / Retreats

  • School Faculty In-Service Training

  • Policy-Based Board Governance

  • Facilitating Theological Conferences

Business Group

School Faculty In-Service Training

Training for faculty in reconciliation and leadership, customized for specific applications.

Considering a Change in Structure?

Policy-Based Board Governance

Properly applied policy-based governance can reduce conflicts. Improperly applied, such systems can encourage and exacerbate conflict. We train leaders for applying policy-based governance in non-congregational settings such as school boards, district boards, and program boards. For congregational settings, we train leaders for applying policy-based governance on an adjusted basis in order to separate financial/legal issues from spiritual care/oversight issues, such as provided by elders and pastors.