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Scheduling An Event

When a church or other organization sponsors a seminar or practicum, it often encourages more of its own members to attend. A church with several trained reconcilers will be blessed as they can serve its members. It can also help the church to begin building a reconciliation ministry.

We have a team of instructors available so even if the dates you wish to have an event are scheduled on our event calendar, we may still be able to serve your on your desired date(s).

Hosting An Event

Cost to Host an Event

There is no direct cost to the hosting organization. We humbly request the space for the event be donated and that the host assist with on-site volunteers as well as local promotion. The event is paid for through individual registrations collected from participants.

Benefits of Hosting

In consideration for hosting an event we can generally offer your choice of several options:

  • 1 complementary seat at the event, OR

  • 20% discount on up to 5 registrations at the event, OR

  • in the case of hosting a coaching and mediation practicum, you may elect for a complementary Conflict Resolution vs. Reconciliation seminar approximately 4 weeks prior to the practicum.

Sponsoring An Event

Cost to Sponsor

The sponsor pays the teaching fee and other expenses for the event and can then set a registration fee at their discretion. Check the event-specific page for the cost of each event.

Benefits of Sponsoring

Sponsoring an event allows for the lowest cost per participant. The sponsor sets a registration fee at their discretion. Sponsored events can be private for your organization alone and can often be customized to your specific needs.

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