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Spiritual Lay Leadership Training

Equipping the Saints for Spiritual Leadership

At a Glance

The objective of this interactive training is that you will be equipped to fulfill your elected responsibilities with spiritual leadership.

Because of our extensive experience working with leaders, we have developed training to equip leaders for being more effective and productive in their work. Leaders learn proactive skills for avoiding destructive conflicts and reconciling relationships while solving problems.

Bible Lessons
See what one church says about the Built on the Rock Leader's Pack

"Our Pastors, school principal and all the leaders in our church, and their families (who we very often overlook) need our ongoing support in so many ways. I personally will continually look for ways to care for these people."

Elder at recent Spiritual Lay Leadership Training event

Who Should Attend?

Lay leaders play important roles in the life of the congregation. But while often gifted and trained in other vocations, lay leaders rarely receive training for their unique roles. This results in quality leaders experiencing personal frustration while disappointing their professional church workers, other leaders, and congregational members. In worst case scenarios, congregations suffer from a lack of trained leadership, unresolved conflict, apathy, and people leaving the church. In other words, the work of Christ and his message is weakened. 

Those who have benefited from our past training include board members, pastors, elders and other lay leaders, teachers, administrators, circuit counselors, district and synodical presidents, counselors, lawyers, business people, and more.


We will begin with reflecting on what the Scriptures teach regarding lay leadership roles. We’ll identify what frustrates you most as a leader. You will review what your congregation’s governing documents and policies state regarding your roles, and then you will have the opportunity to see some sample documents that have been used in other congregations. You will learn practical ideas for fulfilling your responsibilities toward your pastor and other members of the congregation.

"Since sponsoring the Lay Leader Training, I feel more cared for than any other time in my 20 year ministry. My lay leaders now regularly seek me out and pray for my family and I. It has made a huge difference for my wife and me."

A Pastor Whose Church Sponsored Spiritual Lay Leadership Training

Seminar Outline

Each seminar is presented by a Christian Reconciler™ who is experienced in assisting people in their conflicts through coaching, mediation, and arbitration. Our instructors’ stories of real people inspire and demonstrate how the principles presented are not theoretical but realistic and practical. The Lay Leadership Training seminar covers the following topics:

1. Congregational Leadership from a Spiritual Perspective

  • Answers questions such as:

    • What do the Scriptures teach?

    • How would this apply in our Board’s Work?

2. Meaningful and Effective Board Meetings

  • How can we prepare for meaningful and effective board meetings?

  • What should board member reports include and not include?

  • How should confidential information be handled in our reports?


3. Caring for Our Pastors, Other Church Workers, and Their Families

  • What do the Scriptures teach?

  • How can lay leaders serve their called leaders and their families?

  • Who provides pastoral care for our pastors and their families?

  • How can I make a “pastoral call” on my pastor or principal and their families?

  • How can we provide accountability for our called workers?


4. Caring for Congregational Members

  • How can I make a call on any member?

  • What outline would I use for a 20-minute visit to a member?

  • How should our board members pray for people in our congregation or school?


5. Leading a Devotion

  • What should I include in a brief devotion during a member visit?

  • What resources are available to help me prepare?


Each person attending the seminar receives a study guide for note taking during the seminar and personal review, and everyone receives an easy-to-use handout on “Proclaiming God's Forgiveness.” A small group Bible study version is available for purchase at the seminar for follow-up and sharing with others. We offer a selection of resources at our seminar book table for Bible studies and other teaching materials, personal coaching, and further study.

"The congregational leaders at our church have transformed the way they conduct business. Every board has adopted the practice of beginning with Bible study and ending with meaningful prayer. The overall environment of the congregation has improved!

A Pastor Whose Church Sponsored Spiritual Lay Leadership Training

Sponsor This Event

The cost to sponsor this event is $2,950 teaching fee, plus $5.95/person materials fee, plus travel expenses for an instructor. Instructor travel time charged at half of AoR's hourly rate.  Contact Us today to schedule your event.

SPECIAL:  To maximize the benefits of implementing the healthy changes prescribed by Built on the Rock: The Healthy Congregation, combine this with Structuring the Healthy Congregation seminar and consultation.

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