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Teaching a Coaching Practicum Practicum

A Christian Reconciler™ is Always Teaching

NEW! In 2024

At a Glance

This advanced course  will prepare you to teach the Coaching People to Reconcile practicum offered by Ambassadors of Reconciliation. This practicum is often described as our most impactful teaching! Certified Christian Conciliators™ are eligible to acquire a license to teach their own practicums!

Female Speaker

"The [Teaching a Reconciliation] seminar is outstanding. You will not only grow as a teacher, but also be prepared to teach others how to live a lifestyle of reconciliation. If you want to get the message of peacemaking out to as many people as possible then you need to take this course!"

Former Student

Who Should Attend?

This Teaching a Coaching Practicum Practicum is a requirement for anyone desiring to teach, or even lead their own Coaching People to Reconcile practicum events.

We're looking for the elite of the elite to be instructors for this course!


This intense course incorporates lecture, demonstration, practical experience and feedback from both your instructors as well as fellow students. You will be challenged to incorporate your own stories of reconciliation to have lasting impact on your audiences. You will also receive significant personalized attention and coaching from your instructor.

“When I first learned biblical peacemaking, I thought it would change my ministry. It did much more – it changed my life!”

A Former Participant

Each Participant Will Receive

  • A professionally prepared PowerPoint presentation with embedded videos.

  • An instructor guide with PowerPoint slides and instructor notes built into the guide.

  • Permission to teach this material without a fee within the context of your own ministry setting.

  • Your students are required to register and purchase their course materials through Ambassadors of Reconciliation, so you receive a turn-key solution for offering to your students all of the benefits of Coaching People to Reconcile!

Those Who Also Have Been Designated as a Certified Christian Conciliator Will Also Receive:

  • LICENSE to teach this practicum online with or without a fee outside of their own ministry setting.

  • wholesale agreement to purchase AoR-produced products for resale during their seminars.

Prerequisite Training

To successfully complete this advanced training, you are required to complete these courses:

Pre-Course Study

With registration, approximately 4 weeks before the practicum participants will be provided the following resources to begin their learning:

  • Conflict Resolution vs. Reconciliation by Ambassadors of Reconciliation

  • Download PowerPoint presentation (available upon registration) and familiarize yourself with it

  • Complete the Audit of Coaching People to Reconcile

  • Prepare three of your own reconciliation stories to use in teaching

Attend This Event

Visit our Training Calendar to find this event near you. Registration is as low as $599 which includes:

  • $499 Instruction Fee

  • $100 Materials Fee

Cancellation Policy

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