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CrossLife Ministries

The Counseling Division of Ambassadors of Reconciliation

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Bible Lessons

Gospel-Centered Counseling

Who can help you or a loved one suffering from the stresses of life? Our licensed professionals from CrossLife Ministries provide Gospel-centered counseling to individuals and small groups. Counseling areas include marriage and family, grief support, addictions, long-term behavior patterns, and more. (Psalm 103:1-5; John 10:10; Romans 8:1-17; Colossians 3:1-17)

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Counseling Services

(provided in the southern Indiana/northern Kentucky area)

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Personal Struggles

  • Anger

  • Illness

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Grief

  • Disability

  • Job loss

  • Chemical dependency

  • Computer addiction

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  • Marriage

  • Communication skills

  • Budgeting challenges

  • Parenting

  • Internet addictions

CrossLife Ministries Staff

Experience You Can Trust

  • Licensed staff in their fields of discipline

  • Christian Reconcilers™ & Certified Christian Conciliators™ 

  • Christian based, Gospel-centered approach

Counseling: Service

Rev. Ed Keinath

Director of CrossLife Ministries

Rev. Ed Keinath serves as Director of CrossLife Ministries, the counseling center of Ambassadors of Reconciliation in Seymour, Indiana. With an extensive background in marriage and family counseling, Ed’s work includes counseling, parenting education seminars, and grief support groups. He is a licensed family and marriage therapist, and he provides consulting to numerous church professionals, church lay leaders, Lutheran school faculty, and their families. He has served as a reconciler for the Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod and presently serves on the Commission on Ministerial Health of the Indiana District. Ed's experience includes working with conflicted churches, church schools, and other related groups, and he has served as a mentor and an adjunct instructor for Peacemaker Ministries. He and his wife, Janeen, have five children: Joel, Daniel, Michael, Joshua, and Rachel, and three grandchildren.

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How To Get Started

Make an initial consultation appointment – it’s often the first step toward healing.

Our staff are available for daytime and evening appointments.

To talk to a licensed counselor about counseling services, contact our office for an appointment. To save yourself time, print out and complete an Counseling Interview Agreement form, and fax or mail it to CrossLife Ministries prior to making your appointment.

Phone:  812-522-8440

CrossLife Ministries
1505 S. Walnut Street
Seymour, IN 47274


Counseling Fees

Because CrossLife Ministries is a non-profit ministry, individual counseling fees are reduced from standard for-profit fees.

Standard Counseling Fees and Expenses – There is no fee charged for a 30-minute initial consultation. After initial consultation, our counseling fees are charged at $75.00 per hour (reduced rates are available based on annual income), plus expenses. Travel time is charged at half the normal rate. Expenses include such things as long distance phone calls, materials, and traveling expenses (i.e., meals, transportation, lodging, etc.). Those who need help with fees are encouraged to apply for reduced fees, based on need (determination is based on annual income).

Fees are payable in advance of each counseling appointment.

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Your donations help us keep counseling fees affordable!
Counseling: Service
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