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Advanced Coaching and Mediation Practicum - Online


Satisfies requirements toward Christian Reconciler - Advanced Certificate!

Dealing With Very Difficult Cases

At a Glance

Sharpen and expand your coaching and mediation skills while learning how to handle challenging cases. You'll learn about difficult situations ranging from criminal cases to sexual misconduct in the church.

Who Should Attend?

Sharpen and expand your coaching and mediation skills while learning how to handle challenging cases. You'll learn about difficult situations ranging from criminal cases to sexual misconduct in the church. 

Anyone who has completed foundational training in conflict coaching and mediation can benefit. Course completion will count towards earning the Christian Reconciler™ - Advanced certificate. 


This intense course is packed with new ideas and resources for the Reconciler looking to expand his or her skills. Four ways you will grow in conflict coaching:

  • You will receive three resources to equip you prior to the course:

    • A new Bible study and coaching guide on reconciliation

    • A Bible study and coaching guide for dealing with sexual misconduct

    • A Christian Coaching Guidebook by Life Coach Scott Gress with special insights to hone your coaching skills

  • You will learn about dealing with difficult issues and when to seek additional professionals as co-reconcilers or consultants.

  • You'll receive several new coaching tools:

    • Effective, insightful coaching questions,

    • Easy-to-use Scripture reference tools,

    • A Conflict Coaching Summary card, and

    • Scores of prepared homework lessons.

Special Feature of This Online Course

Cohort Resource Page - Always Available!

An integral part of this course experience is your cohort resources page. This is a special page of our website reserved for you and the rest of your cohort. This course is not the firehose experience of many in-person training courses. It is immersive and gives you access to all of these resources on-demand throughout the course and for future reference! You can always come back for a refresher! Your cohort page includes:

  • Each recorded lesson, including student Q&A and practice role plays from your cohort

  • Demonstration recordings

  • All course manuals, resources and handouts

  • Discussion forums with everyone in your cohort

  • Opt-in cohort roster to stay in touch with your peers

  • A terrific reference for you even AFTER the course!

Human resources (HR) management concept

Has it been a while?

Auditing foundational courses is INCLUDED! $650 value!

Audit/Review Foundational Courses

This is an advanced course and assumes you are familiar with the foundational elements of coaching and mediation. If you have not experienced AoR's Coaching Practicum since 2016, is is highly recommended that you audit these courses prior to attending this course. Even if you have taken them recently, you are welcome to review again.

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Coaching People to Reconcile


Mediating People to Reconcile

Valued $650 but FREE with this course!

Click course image for description

The Same Instruction as our Live Practicum

But it's Available Anytime (by appointment) & Anywhere!

Confident businessman team leader lead g

Join a cohort from around the country (& world) expanding their coaching and mediation skills! We utilize our webinar platform for teaching, and also use our exclusive Coach's Corner and Reconciler Chat technologies to provide world-class learning through lecture, demonstration and practicum experience. All the benefits of our live practicums without the travel!

Join the course from the comfort of your home or office. All you need is an internet connection and the ability to use Zoom! You can test your Zoom connection here.

Show Technology Reqs

Technology Requirements

We understand, this isn't for everyone

Hide Technology Reqs

The successful student in this course will be familiar with these online technologies. Throughout the course we will switch between these various modes of presentation and connection. Your proficiency with these will be valuable to your learning experience. You are encouraged to try out each below. The backbone of them all is your internet connection. You can check your internet speed here.

The other requirement for a successful online learning experience is a sufficiently fast tablet or laptop because it will be processing a lot of video data. If you're not sure about your setup, please call us and we can help you test it out! If you can easily watch Youtube and other video streams, then you're probably okay.

Lecture & Demonstration

Rear view. Young man, entrepreneur, sits

During plenary portions of the class, we will be connected via Zoom. There, you will be able to see and hear the instructor, as well as view the presentation slides. You can listen with your computer or through a phone call. You can raise your hand to ask questions and participate in plenary debrief discussions. You will view the coaching demonstrations through this platform as well. You may test your Zoom connection here.

Role Play Practice

Middle aged man sitting in the monitor t

The role play experience is one thing that sets this training apart. We will utilize Coach's Corner, AoR's video chat room customized for reconcilers. This facilitates your working with another student and allows the instructor to observe and offer feedback. It  requires a camera, mic and speakers on your computer. Check it out here. Be sure to try the video connection to ensure your mic and camera are connecting.

Small Group Discussion

Group Friends Video Chat Connection Conc

Small group discussions are vital for learning from one another. We will routinely give you opportunity to interact with your cohort peers in small "breakout rooms" for these discussions. It requires a camera, mic and speakers on your computer. 

Connect w/Students

Chatbot conversation on smartphone scree

To facilitate discussion among students, you will be able to message one another through the webinar platform while class is in session and you can also message one another outside of class through online discussion forums the Text/Chat feature of our website. You access this feature through almost any browser.

“This entire training session brought Christ Jesus to the front and center as the true Light in this hurting world.”

Former Student

“I saw in a fresh way that it is God's Word that brings about healing. The professional training and materials, the supportive staff and warm/encouraging fellowship with like students has caused me to seek even more AoR equipping! PTL!”

A Former Participant

Two NEW Case Studies

Two new case studies for role plays feature difficult situations to challenge and practice your skills in difficult cases.

  1. One is a conflict between a Director of Music Ministry and Worship Team Leader, where the Team Leader used a church computer for Internet pornography and cybersex. This addresses issues of employment, betrayal, misuse of church equipment, moral failing, and a broken relationship.

  2. The other involves a friend who was hired as an accountant to help save a business in bankruptcy. The accountant embezzled about $100,000 from the business. While prosecution is an option, the business owner's lawyer recommended mediation first in order to recover some of the lost funds. This case involves criminal issues, betrayal of trust and friendship, and significant amount of money.

How Is This Training Different from Foundational Conflict Coaching and Mediation Courses?

  1. This is not a repeat of the foundational training. The basics will only be quickly referenced. The manual will have materials people can use as a refresher. Instruction will focus on applying the basics to difficult cases and expanding skills, especially on coaching.

  2. For each case, the reconcilers will complete three pre-mediation coaching sessions with each party from the same case they mediate. Reconcilers will receive little information in advance, so they will need to use pre-mediation coaching to learn about the details and prepare their parties. This provides opportunity to practice using the new coaching skills and creating and assigning effective homework assignments. Because of the complexities of each case, the pre-mediation coaching becomes critical for the mediation.

  3. A written exercise. In foundational training, participants don't really have opportunity to write a settlement agreement. But in this course, reconciler teams will be given time in the schedule to write either a Memorandum of Understanding or a Reconciler Report, depending on how their mediation goes. Their table instructor will review their written submission for comment.

Prerequisite Training

To successfully complete this advanced training, you are required to first complete foundational coaching and mediation training:

Pre-Course Study

Immediately upon registration , you will have access to to the cohort resource page with digital access to resources so you may begin your preparation.


Approximately 4 weeks before the practicum participants will be provided the following resources to begin their learning:

Attend This Event

Visit our Training Calendar to find when this course is offered. Registration is $699 but with Ministry ($100) and Early-bird ($75) discounts is as low as $549 plus materials. Auditing foundational courses ($650 value) currently included for FREE!

Cancellation Policy

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