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Coaching at a Glance

Almost everyone can benefit from this training, since all of us at times give advice to others on responding to conflict. This training is especially helpful for church leaders, since the church is meant to be a place where its members can seek help in applying God’s message of reconciliation to their personal conflicts.

“I put this training to use that very week!”

Feedback From Most Students

Who Should Attend?

Everyone will Benefit!

This practicum is ideal for anyone who advises others in conflicts. Thus, pastors, principals, elders and other lay leaders, teachers, business owners, executive and mid-level managers, counselors, social workers, human resource managers, and parents all benefit from this training. But in reality, anyone who has the opportunity to advise others on dealing with a specific conflict will enjoy this training.



You will learn how to assist people in conflict. You’ll study key Scripture passages and acquire new tools for remembering the basic principles and applying them in everyday conflicts. Past participants report how they used these tools and principles to help others resolve everything from family squabbles to complicated lawsuits.

Getting to the Heart

A Special Training Feature

A special feature of this training includes “Getting to the Heart of Conflict,” wherein participants will learn how to recognize the idolatry that often underlies conflict. As part of this module, students do an actual self-examination to learn about their own idolatrous temptations, and are invited to take part in a private confession and forgiveness exercise. Ministry leaders will find this training extremely practical and useful for coaching others.

The Coaching Process
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“I personally was brought to repentance and confession through the work of a fellow student in these sessions. This has not only shown me the effectiveness of what you have assembled, but has led me to want others to experienced the release that I feel. This is the cross of Christ and the resurrection applied in real time to me. The downward path I've been on for about 4 years is revealed for what it was. The darkness that I saw encroaching on me was flowing from my own heart! I was cornered by the way you expressed gods word and grateful to be so cornered. The Holy Spirit, that insightful hound from heaven, set things up to restore me through your work and through my fellow students. I'm light, I am airy, I am joyful and have vowed to be very diligent so as not to allow this idol to impose it's shadow on my soul ever again.”

A Former Participant

Pre-Course Study

With registration, approximately 4 weeks before the practicum participants will be provided the following resources to begin their learning:

These books provide practical guidance on personal peacemaking and living a lifestyle of reconciliation. The practicum builds on these basic teachings, helping students understand more fully how to apply these concepts to their own relationships as well as helping others.

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While there is no cost to host a Coaching People through Conflict event, the cost to sponsor this event for up to 30 people is $2,950 teaching fee, plus $40/person materials fee, plus travel expenses for instructor(s). An additional teaching fee of $2,000 is required for each additional 20 students. Contact Us today to schedule your event.

This allows the lowest per-person cost of just $170, more than  60% savings off retail registration!

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Visit our Training Calendar to find this event near you. Registration is $474 but with Ministry ($100) and Early-bird ($75) discounts is as low as $299 which includes:

  • $229 Registration Fee (discounted from $404)

  • $40 Materials Fee

  • $30 Snack & Lunch Fee

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