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Fear, Cravings and Misplaced Trust

A Bible study on Idolatry and the Cure

At a Glance

The Fear, Cravings & Misplaced Trust seminar is a half-day Bible study on understanding how idols of our heart spark and fuel the conflicts in our lives. More importantly, we learn that God's redeeming grace through Jesus Christ is the only cure for this idolatry!


"Pastor, you see these items that are crossed off? These were all things I wrote down to talk to you about, but I don’t need to any longer. You see, when I attended yesterday’s [Getting to the Heart of Conflict] workshop, I saw how my own idols had affected my relationships. In the forgiveness exercise, I confessed them to my partner and he announced God’s forgiveness to me. That took care of every item I crossed off!"

Former Student to Her Pastor

Who Should Attend?

Even God’s children frequently view conflict the same way that unbelievers do. However, Scripture teaches a different perspective. Understanding the idols of our heart that spark and fuel conflict will change the way you address conflicts in your own life!

In the Fear, Cravings & Misplaced Trust seminar, participants reframe their struggles in conflict with new biblical clarity. Most importantly, they learn how to bring healing through the very personal application of confession and forgiveness.


Getting to the Heart of Conflict workshop is a half-day Bible study on understanding how idols of our heart spark and fuel the conflicts in our lives. In this eye-opening presentation, Luther’s explanation of the first commandment is contrasted with three idols of our heart. Instead of fearing God most of all, we fear others or created things. Instead of loving God most of all, we crave the created. Instead of trusting God most of all, we trust ourselves and judge others. And then you will hear how God through Christ forgives all your sin and gives you the strength to overcome the power of your idols.

But this seminar is far more impacting than academic wonder! Participants learn to identify their own idols that fueled an actual conflict in their own lives through a carefully guided self-examination exercise. Participants are taught how to announce God’s grace to one another privately, using a tool called “Announcing God’s Grace.” Then, every person has the privilege of meeting one-on-one with a partner for privately confessing sins and announcing God’s forgiveness to one another. Many people report that this half-day seminar changed their lives – for eternity!

“I couldn’t wait any longer, I had to leave right then to confess my idolatry to my ex-wife. You won’t believe what happened next ... she confessed to me also! I was able to proclaim God’s forgiveness to her!”

A Participant Who Left The Seminar Unexpectedly

Seminar Outline

Each seminar is presented by a Christian Reconciler™ who is experienced in assisting people in their conflicts through coaching, mediation, and arbitration. Biblical accounts of struggling sinners, together with contemporary stories of real people, inspire and demonstrate how the principles presented are not theoretical but realistic and practical. The Fear, Cravings & Misplaced Trust seminar covers the following topics:

  • Biblically defined causes of conflict.

  • Responses to sin-caused conflict (God’s and ours).

  • Three idols revealed in our conflicts.

  • Probing questions to help identify idols in our conflicts.

  • Self-examination on our own struggle with idolatry.

  • God’s grace to us: Forgiveness in Christ.

  • Real-life exercise (not role-play!) in confession and forgiveness.

Each person attending the seminar receives a study guide for note taking during the seminar and personal review afterwards, and everyone receives an easy-to-use handout called “Proclaiming God's Forgiveness.”  We offer a selection of other resources at our seminar book table for Bible studies and other teaching materials, personal coaching, and further study.

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The cost to sponsor this event is $2,000 teaching fee, plus $5.95/person materials fee, plus travel expenses for an instructor. Instructor travel time charged at half of AoR's hourly rate. Contact Us today to schedule your event.

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