Our Staff

Kerri Goss

Kerri Goss serves as Administrative Assistant at Ambassadors of Reconciliation in Billings, MT.  She is a graduate of Simpson College and also attended Western Seminary. She worked in human resources and event planning before serving as the Training and Events Manager for Peacemaker Ministries.  Most recently Kerri was a stay-at-home mom which she realized was the hardest job she has ever had.  In this role Kerri had found reconciliation among young children to be an almost-hourly occurrence and has mediated and arbitrated many cases including the great “who has the rights to the song choice in the car” debate of 2019. She is recovering from older brother syndrome and is learning everyday of her desperate need of God’s grace. Though Kerri does not have hobbies she was once described as having the spiritual gift of “hanging out.” Along with her husband of a decade, Andrew, they spend their time serving in their local church, managing events with all of their immediate family in town and discipling/cleaning-up after their three children.

Rev. Ed Keinath

Rev. Ed Keinath serves as Director of CrossLife Ministries, the counseling center of Ambassadors of Reconciliation in Seymour, Indiana. With an extensive background in marriage and family counseling, Ed’s work includes counseling, parenting education seminars, and grief support groups. He provides consulting to numerous church professionals, church lay leaders, Lutheran school faculty, and their families. He has served as a reconciler for the Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod and presently serves on the Commission on Ministerial Health of the Indiana District. Ed's experience includes working with conflicted churches, church schools, and other related groups, and he serves as a mentor and an adjunct instructor for Peacemaker Ministries. In addition, Ed serves as a pastor for St. Paul Lutheran Church in Jonesville, Indiana. He and his wife, Janeen, have five children: Joel, Daniel, Michael, Joshua, and Rachel, and seven grandchildren.

Ted Kober

Ted Kober serves as Senior Ambassador for Ambassadors of Reconciliation (AoR). Since AoR’s founding, he served as President until 2015. Ted has published articles, Bible studies, devotions, and books including Confession & Forgiveness(CPH, 2002) Cultivating Lifestyles of Reconciliation (co-authored with Ken Sande; AoR, 2009), and Built on the Rock: The Healthy Congregation (CPH, 2017). He teaches in church-worker conferences, schools, universities, and seminaries throughout the world, and as an adjunct instructor for Peacemaker Ministries (US) and PeaceWise (Australia). He has equipped church body leaders from more than 35 countries. A Certified Christian Conciliator™ since 1992, Ted consults and conciliates in cases ranging from personal disputes to lawsuits and church conflicts. Prior to reconciliation work, he owned or managed more than 30 different companies, and he resolved fifty-nine legal disputes in one estate. He has served on more than 50 boards of directors, including for the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod. A lifetime member of Trinity Lutheran Church in Billings, Montana, he occasionally plays organ for worship. He and wife Sonja live in Billings. They have one son and two grandchildren.

Dwight Schettler

Dwight Schettler serves as President of Ambassadors of Reconciliation.  He joined the staff of Ambassadors of Reconciliation in February 2014 as Vice President for Advancement.  He also served on AoR's Board of Directors.  Prior to joining Ambassadors, Dwight served four years as Director of Training & Certification for Peacemaker Ministries. In this role he oversaw many facets of ministry delivery, including all foundational and advanced training courses, Peacemaker seminars, the annual Peacemaker Conference, the Certification Program, peacemaker field support, and Peacemaker University–Peacemaker Ministries’ new online e-learning portal. He teaches reconciliation seminars and training events around the country and remains an adjunct instructor for Peacemaker Ministries. Dwight was introduced to biblical peacemaking as a party in a conflict where Ambassadors of Reconciliation led an intervention in his home church. He credits that experience as a turning point in his life. He is passionate about teaching and equipping others to be peacemakers who apply the power of the Gospel in their everyday lives. Prior to joining Peacemaker Ministries, he was with Hewlett Packard for more than 22 years, holding a variety of leadership positions, most recently being Director of Engineering in their Imaging and Printing business. Dwight and his wife Ruth have two children and two grandchildren.

Rev. Dr. Bruce Zagel

Ambassador Emeritus - Rev. Dr. Bruce Zagel served as Director of Reconciliation Ministry, for the Lutheran Church of Australia until retiring and returning to America in December 2014. He was a Lutheran pastor in America for 19 years before helping start Ambassadors of Reconciliation, where he was Director of Reconciliation Ministries for six years. In 2010 Bruce and his wife, Kathy, moved to Australia to serve as Reconciliation Pastor in Hamilton, Victoria before entering his role as Director of Reconciliation Ministry. Bruce was a counselor in juvenile court prior to seminary. Bruce has been a reconciliation trainer and service provider on five continents. He and Kathy have two sons and two grandchildren.

Annette Friesen

Annette Friesen now serves as a contract reconciler and instructor. She formerly served as administrative Assistant and Case Administrator for the Billings, MT office of Ambassadors of Reconciliation. Annette is always shopping (well not really) but as a busy grandma of 9 (& #10 on the way) combined with her earnest desire to master foodie status, she does her fair share of contributing to the grocery economy. Before joining AoR she was Chief of Staff at Oratium, an executive communication and message architect company and Case Administrator for the Institute for Christian Conciliation. Her past included dabbling in writing, speaking, teaching, mediation and of course, raising her four children to adulthood. Somewhere along the way she coordinated conferences, wrote some articles for magazines and the web, lobbied in Washington, and managed to get her Bachelors in Communication and started a Masters Degree in Biblical Conflict Resolution. Annette lives in San Francisco, CA with her husband Rick, enjoying nearly 40 years of marriage. She is still toying with running her 7th marathon, trying to read too many books, and trying to figure out how to complete that century ride she attempted a few years back. She and Rick love their local church, treasure big family get-togethers, and strategize over their next remodel project on their home, affectionately referred to as a mid-century modern turned into a cabin.



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