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Ambassadors of Reconciliation (AoR) is honored to have you as a Christian Reconciler, one who seeks to intentionally move toward others in cultivating a lifestyle of reconciliation. This begins with each of us individually. God led the way by reconciling us to himself through Christ while we were yet his enemies. (Romans 5:10) Christ humbled himself to take on our sins, making peace between God and us, while he himself was sinless. (2 Corinthians 5:21; 1 Peter 2:24) Therefore, all true peacemaking is based on what God has done for us through Christ. We are compelled then, by Christ’s love and empowered by the Holy Spirit, to live as peacemakers in our own lives.(2 Corinthians 5:14; Romans 8:9; Matthew 5:9; Romans 12:18)

This is why we are so humbled to partner with you as you seek to help others by first applying personal peacemaking in your own life, and then second, through your ministry of reconciliation; offering your skills to assist others so they too can first be reconciled to God and then move toward reconciliation with others.

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I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

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Profile in the Christian Reconciler Directory:  This directory has two uses: first, it is open and promoted to the public for finding reconciliation service providers, and second as a means for professional reconcilers to locate co-reconcilers. While the public directory profile is only available with Vocational & Professional Reconciler Membership Plans,  all reconcilers are encouraged to complete their profile. Update yours today via the Christian Reconciler Menu.

Since you have the Professional Membership, it is optional for you to make your profile viewable to the public. You can customize your own public profile to promote your services giving you complete control of what is shared.

Your Professional Membership also grants to you access to the Find a Co-Reconciler directory. This directory includes ALL Christian Reconcilers who have purchased a membership. It includes more information about their training and preferred cases that is not included in their public profile. Check it out!

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OnLine Feedback Surveys:  As a Christian Reconciler, we should always be seeking feedback from those we serve. You can now easily request and collect feedback for your personal growth and improvement. You may always request feedback via the Christian Reconciler menu. Your feedback results are visible to you in your profile.

Your Professional Reconciler Membership also allows you the option to customize your profile to present your summary feedback via the Christian Reconciler Directory so your potential clients can see how others appreciate your work!

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OnLine Coaching Resources:  You will have online access to proven coaching questions that help a party discover idols of the heart, along with scores of effective coaching and mediation homework assignments available online for real-time lookup and downloading to provide to your party. These resources are always available at your fingertips via the Christian Reconciler menu.

Chat/Text 1-on-1 or with Groups:  It's never been easier to stay connected with your reconciler colleagues or online students you are mentoring/coaching! Visit the Reconciler Chat Page or find it on the Reconciler Menu to get started. All chats are exchanged on our website so you're not bombarded with additional external notifications. However, for conversations you deem important enough, you can elect to notified by email when receive a chat in that conversation. This is a great way to interact with a student as you coach them through Personal Peacemaking!

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OnLine Coaching Tool:  Direct your parties to our FREE Conflict Resolution vs Reconciliation on-line course ( and, as a reconciler, monitor their progress and coach them along the way based on their responses! Visit the course yourself, then choose "Print My Journal" from the course menu. As a reconciler you will find instructions for inviting your parties to share their journal with you.

Opportunity for Fundraising:  We have learned that serving in a ministry of reconciliation rarely raises enough to cover expenses. So, we've created a fundraising avenue for you. At our Crowdfunding webpage, you have the opportunity to raise funds in support of your ministry. 100% of the funds you raise as a Christian Reconciler can be returned to you as AoR resources and/or training.

With your Professional Reconciler Membership, you are also able to have fundraising campaigns tailored to your specific ministry.

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Online Model Case Forms:  Dozens of updated boilerplate case forms always available at your fingertips. Just download and modify for your specific need. Access them easily through the Christian Reconciler Menu.

Access to Reconciler Forum: Being able to dialog and discuss a particular issue or situation with other skilled Reconcilers can be helpful. Join an existing conversation or start your own. These forums are a great way to stay connected. Find it here!

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Online Repository for Course Materials: Each of our courses offer many resources provided during class now accessible online; including Model Case Forms, Group Reconciliation Assistance resources and Teaching a Reconciliation Seminar materials. This online repository of resources keeps them close at hand for you. Also available is a Community Dropbox for reconcilers to share information. While all reconcilers can are able to download from this dropbox, only those with Professional Reconciler Membership are able to upload to it. These are all available via the Christian Reconciler Menu.

Retake and Audit AoR Practicums: Your Professional Reconciler Membership allows you to receive an 80% discount to audit any practicums that you have previously paid to attend. Keep your skills fresh! This is HUGE! As you audit our practicums, you will receive all materials for the course but you may not have opportunity to fully participate in role-play and other exercises.

To audit a course, you can call our office to register.

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Add your appointment calendar to your profile: Your Professional Reconciler Membership allows you add a "Book Appointment" button to your profile. As you update your profile, add the link to your calendar software. If you don't have your own online booking capability yet, your can create your own free account at

Add your own events to the Community Calendar: Your Professional Reconciler Membership allows you access to the Reconciler Community Calendar! This calendar is public for all visitors to the AoR website. Share your events with a wider audience! Access this feature from the reconciler menu.


Send Alerts to Reconciler Community: Do you need to let reconcilers know something urgent? Send them alerts! You may send to all reconcilers, or filter to a targeted audience. The next time they log in, they will see your alert. Access this feature from the reconciler menu.

Coach's Corner - a Customized Video Chat! As a Conflict Coach, you're no more than a click away! With your professional membership we've added a "Coach's Corner" button to your profile. By default, this will open a private video chat room that is customized for coaching. Coach anyone, anywhere. Not only can you see one another, but as coach, you can share scripture and coaching resources with your party just as you do when you meet face to face. Just point people to your profile or under the "Stay Connected" menu! Coach anyone, anywhere! Coach's Corner is included with Professional memberships and available for purchase by others. Invite a mentor for feedback on your session - or mentor someone just starting out!

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Group Video Chat Built In!: With your Christian Reconciler membership we've added a "Enter Group Chat Room" button to your profile. This will open a private video chat room, capable of hosting 12 people, that we provide for you. Or, if you have your own room through another provider (i.e. Zoom) you can add that link in your profile and this button will open the link you provide. No more fumbling with different accounts, or sending links to parties who don't understand what to do with them. Just point people to your profile or under the "Stay Connected" menu! 

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Teaching License and Wholesale Product Purchase Agreement: Reconcilers who complete the Teaching a Reconciliation Seminar practicum (required for the Advanced Certificate) are eligible for these benefits. The Teaching License gives you opportunity to teach AoR reconciliation seminars (a GREAT way to get cases). You may also purchase resources wholesale to resell at your events.

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