Crowdfunding the Ministry of Reconciliation

Turning Passion Into Action

"This crowdfunding experience has been yet another reminder of how often we think too small…  we’re continually just blown away by how the Lord can move in His church by prayer, vision, and opportunity.   '(Lord) I believe, help my unbelief!'” (Mark 9:24)
- Pastor Phil Heiser (after doubling, then achieving his fundraising goal!)
Reconciliation for Latin America

Raised >$4000 for reconciliation mission trip to Latin America

An opportunity was provided through a partnership with the LC-MS Office of International Mission to teach Go and Be Reconciled: What Does This Mean? in Spanish at a new seminary in Dominican Republic. The audience was seminarians, local pastors and deaconesses. Rev. Brandon Martin raised >$4000 to help fund this trip and provide seed money for printing Spanish reconciliation resources!

Reconciliation Training for Central Wisconsin

Raised >$5000 for reconciliation training in Mayville, WI

Training for Reconciliation Ministries

Raising $1000 to for his Christian Reconciler™ training

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Following his vision of being a Christian Reconciler™ to serve across Church of the Lutheran Brethren, Pastor Phil Heiser is raising funds for Ambassadors of Reconciliation so that he can benefit from reduced training and conference fees.

In grateful response to the healing they received through Group Reconciliation Assistance, St Johns Lutheran Church of Mayville, WI wanted to be a beacon of reconciliation in their community. They raised >$5000 for a Coaching People through Conflict practicum allowing the community to attend for just $20!

Welcome to Crowdfunding

this is a game-changer for reconciliation ministry!

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YOU Make the Difference!

Where traditional fundraising involves our sending fundraising appeal solicitations to people in our centralized database, crowdfunding inserts the most powerful and important ingredient ... YOU!

YOU can make the invitation very personal and very unique. There is nothing more powerful than a personal invitation from someone we know. When you share your personal testimony about why the ministry of reconciliation is a worthy cause, and then make a personal invitation to those you know, the likelihood of someone responding is FAR GREATER than if they received a solicitation from someone not known to them.

When you combine this personal touch with the scale offered by the Internet, then the potential becomes exponential. That is what we see with the remarkable news stories of GoFundMe campaigns.