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Christian Reconciler™

Certificate Program


Our Vision

One day every Christian community will have in its midst trained reconcilers who can: 
  • Teach Reconciliation
  • Coach People to Reconcile
  • Mediate and
  • Adjudicate Disputes

Join us! YOU play a part!

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Connecting the World of Reconciliation


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The most complete line of reconciliation training available for equipping reconcilers. Utilized by seminaries, universities and denominations, AoR training is recognized as the best available.



We thrive on equipping reconcilers with the best and most effective reconciliation resources. From introduction to highly complex group reconciliations, you'll have access to it all.


Connecting those is need with those who serve
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Connecting people in need to those who can help is essential to growing the ministry of reconciliation. YOU are part of this vision!


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Most Christians are unaware of the ministry of reconciliation. Therefore we are partnering with you to get the word out! We'll equip you to teach while we continue to promote through churches and social media.

Check Out These Benefits of being a Christian Reconciler!

A certificate, suitable for framing, identifying you as a Christian Reconciler™. Or choose a handsome engraved plaque for an additional fee!

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Online Showcase

You may optionally highlight your profile while you are online and ready to assist our website visitors. Interact with them entirely through our website and keep your contact details as private as you wish.

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Chat With Reconcilers & Students!

Chat with one person, or chat with a group! You have exclusive access to chat privately with other reconcilers OR with students in our online courses (i.e. Personal Peacemaking) who you are mentoring or coaching!

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Reconciler Bookstore

Make your resources available through our Reconciler Bookstore

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Online Appointment Booking

Your clients may schedule appointments with you directly from your profile! This is great for scheduling initial inquiry consultations. Upload your google or outlook calendar to avoid being double-booked!

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Promotion of Reconciliation Ministry

A portion of your annual fee will be dedicated to promoting the ministry of reconciliation and specifically steering those in need of help to the Reconciler Directory. Did you know that for less than 30 cents, an online reconciliation ad results in a click-through of someone seeking help?

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Annual Credit Up To $100

Half of the annual fee up to $100 is returned to you as a coupon redeemable for AoR reconciliation resources or events.

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Online Model Case Forms

Dozens of updated boilerplate case forms available online and always at your fingertips. Just download and modify for your specific need.

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Prepared Reconciliation Prayers

We've assembled 20 reconciliation prayers that you will always have at your fingertips!

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Community Dropbox

A site exclusively for reconcilers where you can share your favorite tools, homework assignments, etc. with other reconcilers.

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Public Reconciler Directory

A directory open to and promoted to the public for finding reconciliation service providers. Available with Vocational & Professional Reconciler plans, optionally include your profile in this public directory. Customize your own public profile to promote your services. You have complete control of what is shared.

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Video Chat Room Customized for Coaching!

This is unprecedented! We all have access to video chat rooms - but they're so cumbersome. We all have access to coaching resources - but they don't do much good when you're coaching someone miles away. But now we've put them all together - a custom video chat room allowing you to share reconciliation resources and scripture directly with your party even if they're a world away.

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Online Forums To Stay In Touch

Join an existing conversation or start your own. These forums are a great way to stay connected.

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Community Event Calendar

Include your own events on our Community Event Calendar! A great way to promote your events and inspire others in the community!

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Community News Alerts

With your professional membership, you can alert the reconciler community to special events or needs! Send to all, or filter the list to your needs. Great for event announcements, prayer requests, relevant & urgent news, etc.

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An amount up to 100% of undesignated funds raised through your crowdfunding page will be returned to you as reduced training or conference registration fees. This could literally underwrite your entire ministry of reconciliation!

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Teaching License

Those completing the Teaching a Reconciliation Seminar practicum are eligible for a license to teach AoR's reconciliation seminars.

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Online Quick Scripture Reference for Coaching

Dozens of the most commonly used passages of scripture organized by coaching topic for swift retrieval.

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Prepared Coaching Homework

Scores of effective coaching and mediation homework assignments available online for real-time lookup, download and providing to your party.

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Highlight Your Relational Wisdom™ Training

If you are also a Certified Relational Conciliator through RW360, you may highlight that in your profile also!

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Private Directory to Find Co-Reconcilers

The Professional Reconciler Plan offers access to the internal directory of all Christian Reconcilers™ to enable you to find other reconcilers for assistance with cases.

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Private Website Menu for Christian Reconcilers

You have access to many resources on our website that are exclusive to Christian Reconcilers.

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Collect feedback from your clients for your personal growth & improvement and also for sharing feedback through your profile so potential clients can see how your service is appreciated.

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Online Coaching Tool

Direct your parties to our FREE Personal Peacemaking online course and, as a reconciler, monitor their progress and use Reconciler Chat to coach them along the way based on their responses!

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Online Party Information Forms

IT'S HERE! Invite your parties to provide their information to you via online party information and preliminary issues forms available through your profile. No more cumbersome forms to pass around! Just point them to your profile to fill in the online form, then you can login to privately access and print their case information for your files.

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International Network

You will be part of an international network of reconcilers united in the common purpose of serving as ambassadors of reconciliation.

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Wholesale Product Purchase Agreement

You are eligible for a wholesale agreement for purchasing AoR-produced product for sale at your own events.

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Idol-Exposing Questions Online Reference

Online access to proven coaching questions that help a party discover idols of the heart.

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