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Group Reconciliation Assistance - Team Leader Practicum

Learn To Lead a Team of Reconcilers Serving Conflicted Groups

At a Glance

This one day course is for equipping gifted leaders who are called to lead teams in Group Reconciliation Assistance.

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Who Should Attend?

Trained Christian Reconcilers! This is an advanced reconciliation practicum-style training and requires Group Reconciliation Assistance - Team Member practicum (or equivalent training from Peacemaker Ministries since 2012) as prerequisites. The gifted leader skill set for leading a Group Reconciliation Assistance includes: 

  • Understanding of the theology and polity of the church and its denomination

  • Ability to teach basic biblical peacemaking and provide leadership training

  • Ability to coach and mediate moderate to difficult cases, including groups

  • Ability to coach, mediate, or refer cases on non-church related issues which will present themselves (e.g., family and marriage conflict, employment disputes, addiction issues, mental health issues, sexual misconduct, criminal cases such as embezzlement or assault, etc.)

  • Ability to provide organizational consultation

  • Basic understanding of potential legal issues (this person does NOT need to be an attorney, but should be able to recognize when legal issues arise and secure legal counsel when necessary)

  • Basic understanding of church liability insurance and when to involve an insurance carrier 

  • Ability to read hundreds of pages of data, analyze them, and prepare a detailed report (written) and summary report (oral)

  • Ability to speak and present challenging ideas to a group

  • Organizational and administrative abilities 

    • for preparing detailed written proposal (samples available in the course, but needs to know how to customize and address all variables), 

    • determining appropriate mix of a team and recruiting members, 

    • organizing, managing, and training a team, 

    • coordinating schedules of church and team members, 

    • advising on-site church leaders for preparation of visits, etc.

How Is This Training Different from Group Reconciliation Assistance - Team Member?

How Is This Training Different from the Group Reconciliation Assistance - Team Member practicum Course?

Leading a GRA team requires additional training and skills. This course will prepare the gifted leader in these areas: 

  1. Proposing a Group Reconciliation Assistance to a conflicted group

  2. Assembling and Leading a Team

  3. Setting and maintaining proper expectations with the client

  4. Teaching the Bible Study Seminar on Biblical Peacemaking

  5. Scheduling Interviews

  6. Conducting Group Interviews

  7. Preparing and Assigning Homework prior to and between Visits

  8. Preparing and Delivering Reports


“I have waited for this high-level training for three years. AoR did not disappoint! Thank you!”, OR

“I was blind, but now I see.” ☺, OR

“This was the missing piece that tied all my previous training together – thank you, AoR!”

A Recent Participant Having Difficulty Finding the Right Words of Appreciation

Prerequisite Training

To successfully complete this advanced training, you are required to complete these courses:

Pre-Course Study

With registration, approximately 4 weeks before the practicum participants will be provided the following resources to begin their learning:

Attend This Event

Visit our Training Calendar to find this event near you. Registration is as low as $149.

Cancellation Policy

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