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Group Reconciliation Assistance - Team Member Practicum

Learn To Be Part of a Team Serving Conflicted Groups

At a Glance

Sharpen and expand your coaching and mediation skills while learning how to handle challenging cases involving highly conflicted groups such as church-wide or school-wide conflicts.

Church Cross

“The process of helping people see their brother or sister as valuable and to see that sin in idolatry comes in many ways is a game changer for people to learn the love of God and how to love their neighbor.”

Former Student

Who Should Attend?

Trained Christian Reconcilers! This is an advanced reconciliation practicum-style training and requires Coaching People through Conflict and Mediating People through Conflict (or equivalent training from Peacemaker Ministries) as pre-requisites. If you are a trained reconciler who is approached for advice or for help with these complex group-conflict cases, then this course is for you!


Large group conflict is the most complex type of case for a reconciler. This course will stretch you just as serving on a Group Reconciliation Assistance team will stretch you. You will experience a “real” case in the course with hundreds of pages of preparatory reading and analysis. The case study is based on an actual case with names and facts altered to protect confidences. Just as in real life, you will experience the feeling of being overwhelmed as the course is intense. At the same time, you will also experience how the Gospel can transform seemingly impenetrable hearts, underscoring that we are but His instruments in this ministry of reconciliation.


“Another fantastic experience of being equipped as a reconciler! The training manual - outstanding! Great layout, content, and examples. I thought the course was paced very well. Great use of small groups - starting with discussion, then teaching and coaching, finally the oral report. I was very pleased.”

A Former Participant

How Is This Training Different from Foundational Conflict Coaching and Mediation Courses?

These foundational courses prepare you to assist individuals or small groups to reconcile their relationships, but they do not prepare you for the complexities and dynamics of large-group reconciliation. This course will build on your foundational training to include: 

  1. This is not a repeat of the foundational training. The basics will only be quickly referenced. The manual will have materials people can use as a refresher. Instruction will focus on applying the basics to difficult cases and expanding skills, especially on coaching.

  2. The importance of involving as many as possible in the healing process

  3. The necessity of Biblical teaching on reconciliation

  4. Facilitating and coaching larger groups

  5. Process for coaching as many as 15 appointments in a day

  6. A multi-visit process involving preparing homework, teaching, data gathering, coaching, mediation, reporting and follow-up

  7. Data gathering and analysis techniques

  8. Working as a team under a team leader

  9. Identifying potential reconciliation team members

For More Information

Ted Kober, Senior Ambassador presented a workshop about this training at our Built on the Rock Reconciliation Conference in April, 2018. You may download the workshop handout here. You may also listen to the workshop at the link below.

Group Reconciliation Testimonies

Group Reconciliation Testimonies

All Categories
All Categories

St James GRA Testimony - 3m

Group Reconciliation Assistance Documentary - 30m

Immanuel GRA Testimony - 3m

Prerequisite Training

To successfully complete this advanced training, you are required to complete these courses:

Pre-Course Study

With registration, approximately 4 weeks before the practicum participants will be provided the following resources to begin their learning:

Attend This Event

Visit our Training Calendar to find this event near you. Registration is as low as $599 which includes:

  • $499 Instruction Fee

  • $55 Materials Fee

  • $45 Snack & Lunch Fee

Cancellation Policy

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