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Webinars are an easy way to connect with our experienced professionals. These are often on special topics and offered on-line in brief presentations that are often less than 1 hour. All you need is an internet connection!



Our experienced professionals offer seminars and customized training for members and leaders of churches, schools, synods, boards, and more. All training in reconciliation is designed for reconciling relationships and resolving material issues based on teaching from the Scriptures.


Practicum Courses

Practicums are skill developing workshops for equipping leaders and reconcilers to work in reconciliation ministries (congregational, school, university/seminary, district, and synodical).

Giving a Lecture

Leadership Training

Because of our extensive experience working with leaders, we have developed training to equip leaders for being more effective and productive in their work. Leaders learn to avoid destructive conflict and reconcile relationships while solving problems.

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