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The Practicum Experience

Ambassadors of Reconciliation offers a full array of practicum-style training courses. Whether you are just beginning, or a seasoned reconciler we have training to meet your needs. Our training receives exceptional feedback from participants, with many reporting it's the best training they have ever experienced.

Scroll this page for a review of our training options. Don't forget to check out our full array of Seminars also!

Professional Presentation

Our experienced presenters are Christian Reconcilers™ and Certified Christian Conciliators™ and can teach the material as they keep you engaged.

Giving a Speech
Management Meeting

Demonstration of Skills

In addition to teaching, the instructors will also demonstrate the skills being taught so you are able to see and hear what they are like.

Practice the Skills

You are also given opportunity to practice with other students the skills being taught. You are able to see what the skills look like, experience what they feel like, and try them out and make mistakes in a safe environment. A nearly universal feedback from students is that this practice is the most valuable part of the experience.

Kids Playing Soccer

Assisting one on one

Coaching People to Reconcile

The Coaching People through Conflict Practicum prepares leaders – pastors, elders and other lay leaders, teachers, administrators, parents – to guide other people in their conflicts through coaching one-on-one.

Assist Small Groups to Reconcile

Mediating People to Reconcile

When a conflict between two people becomes so entangled that they need assistance, trained mediators can help guide people through biblically-based mediation to achieve reconciliation of relationships and resolution of material issues.

Equipping Reconciliation Ministries

Church Reconciler Training

Church reconcilers teach through Bible study, coach individuals in conflict, mediate parties in dispute, and decide issues for parties in adjudication. This course equips leaders and appointed reconcilers to serve in Reconciliation Ministries.

Serving This Most Common Relationship

Reconciling Husbands and Wives

The church is meant to be a place where its members can seek help in applying God’s message of reconciliation to their marital conflicts. In this course you will learn to apply the basics of coaching and mediation when reconciling husbands and wives through confession and forgiveness.

A Christian Reconciler™ is Always Teaching

Teaching a Reconciliation Seminar

This course will improve all your seminar presentations, providing you with specific applications for teaching biblical peacemaking.

Dealing with Very Difficult Cases

Advanced Coaching and Mediation

Sharpen and expand your coaching and mediation skills while learning how to handle challenging cases. You'll learn about difficult situations ranging from criminal cases to sexual misconduct in the church.

Learn To Be Part of a Team Serving Conflicted Groups

Group Reconciliation Assistance - Team Member

Sharpen and expand your coaching and mediation skills while learning how to handle challenging cases involving highly conflicted groups such as church-wide or school-wide conflicts.

Equipping Gifted Leaders to Lead Teams in Group Reconciliation Assistance

Group Reconciliation Assistance - Team Leader

Foundations of Christian Adjudication

Adjudication is a “quasi-judicial” process in which the parties explain their dispute to one or more neutral adjudicators who have the authority to render a binding decision of the matter (also known as arbitration).

A unique ministry to assist congregations that lose a church worker because of conflict.

Reconciliation Ministry Pastorate

Vision: Conflicted congregations that have lost professional church workers will experience healing through biblically-based peacemaking and cultivate lifestyles of reconciliation. By the end of a defined limited term RMP, they will be prepared to call permanent professional church workers to serve a healthy congregation.

Mission: Assist conflicted congregations with a vacancy to heal from conflicts and equip them for proclaiming, living and cultivating lifestyles of reconciliation.

Practicums: Welcome
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