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Reconciliation Ministries

Living Lifestyles of Reconciliation

Why have a Reconciliation Ministry? Reconciliation is more than just an event, it is a lifestyle. We are called to be peacemakers, living our lives in such a way that our reconciliation through Christ is reflected in everything we do. As Christians, we can lead by example, applying biblical peacemaking in our own conflicts. A Reconciliation Ministry keeps this lifestyle at the forefront.  Reconcilers teach reconciliation as part of their ministry to remind everyone that because we have been reconciled to God through Christ (our vertical reconciliation), we are empowered to be reconciled to one another (horizontal reconciliation). They also assist others in their conflicts through coaching, mediation, and adjudication. Your church, school, or other organization can establish a Reconciliation Ministry to cultivate lifestyles of reconciliation.

A Reconciliation Ministry is a team of people who have a heart for peacemaking and reconciliation who equip and assist members in living, proclaiming and cultivating lifestyles of reconciliation.  They serve under the authority of a congregation, school or other organization that appoints them. The organization then also provides the team with the training and resources necessary to serve in the following roles:

  • Personal Peacemaking – leading others by applying personal peacemaking in one’s own life;

  • Teaching – equipping Christians in biblical peacemaking for lifestyles of reconciliation;

  • Coaching – guiding individuals to apply biblical approaches in specific conflicts;

  • Mediating – assisting two or more people in conflict to reconcile relationships and resolve material issues;

  • Adjudicating – deciding substantive matters through a just and fair hearing

Not all ministry team members require all of this training but some will choose to seek the Christian Reconciler™ Certificate

Christian Reconcilers™

Trained To Assist You

Christian Reconcilers™ have received training to teach reconciliation, coach, mediate and adjudicate disputes. Learn what they can do for you.

Guidance Counselor

Check With Your Church

Ask your pastor or other leader at your church for help. If they are not familiar with Reconciliation Ministries then share a copy of Cultivating Lifestyles of Reconciliation with them.

Find a Reconciliation Ministry Close to You

We Can Assist You

Many churches have established a Reconciliation Ministry to assist their members reconcile relationships and resolve disputes. Christian Reconcilers™ have received training to teach reconciliation, coach, mediate and adjudicate disputes.

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