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Reconciler Bookstore
These resources are offered by our Christian Reconciler™ Community

This resource catalog of reconciler-authored books and articles is provided as a service to our Certified Christian Conciliators with a Professional Christian Reconciler membership. Some of the items below are likely "Out of Stock" because we do not inventory these items. If you click the item, the product description will contain links where you may purchase the item.

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Christian Reconcilers with a Professional membership may add articles they have authored to this list!

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Reconciler Name
Battling Bitterness in Church Conflict with Forgiveness
Ernie Baker
Biblical Mediation
Ernie Baker
Caring Supervision for the Professional Ministry Worker
Ted Kober
Conflict Happens: How Christ Calls Us to Respond to Conflict
Ronald Zabel
Family Confession & Forgiveness
Ted Kober
Fight Right - 3 part video series
Oletha Barnett
Forgiveness–Human vs. Divine
Ted Kober
Racial Reconciliation Q&A
Oletha Barnett
Resolving Conflict
Oletha Barnett
What about Consequences?
Ted Kober
Why Repentance May Be Reason for Retention
Ted Kober
Why Unrepentance Is Cause for Dismissal
Ted Kober
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