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This Companion Workbook to Diversity of a Different Kind is a step-by-step guide to becoming victorious over conflicts that disrupt our lives. Reading the parent book along with this Workbook, you will gain the best results by reinforcing the principles in the parent book and how to apply those principles to heal wounds and restore relationships.


Each session gives you questions to answer that form a building block to create your personal strategic action plan at the end of the study for you to use when conflict arises

You can go through the materials individually but don’t forget the benefit of a small group study of 3-5 people, where you go deeper into the principles and enjoy the fellowship of others as you learn and grow together to heal wounds and restore relationships.


Buy the Workbook ($14.99) through Oletha's website:


Diversity of a Different Kind Workbook

  • *AoR does not carry this product in stock so please purchase directly from the links in the description. 


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