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End Times Prophecy is an important yet rarely discussed subject, but Bill Freeman has taken the difficult and made it understandable.  Topics like the Rapture, the Tribulation, the Millennial Kingdom, the Battle of Armageddon, and the future heaven will come alive in this easy-to-read book.  Knowing what the future holds can bring hope and comfort to all of us as well as a challenge to live each day with the end in mind.

In this book the reader will find:

  • A laymen’s guide to understanding Bible prophecies, from the book of Revelation as well as other OT and NT prophets.
  • Insights into the heart of God discovered in prophecy.
  • An invaluable survival guide for people during the Tribulation.  It’s not another “Left Behind” book, but rather a “Leave Behind” book.


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About the author:

Bill Freeman has spent 50 years in the business world as a corporate executive and a small business owner.  He currently provides reconciliation services to individuals and organizations.  Bill and his wife Sandy have been married 50 years and have been blessed with six children and eleven grandchildren.  They reside in Atlanta, GA.

When Millions of People Disappear....A Simple Guide to End Times Prophecy

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