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Unforgiveness is a prison—mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. In a world full of turmoil, many use forgiveness as a coping mechanism without understanding what true forgiveness is. Learn what forgiveness from Christ looks like, and how He forgives His people. 


Unforgivable? by Rev. Dr. Mark Rockenbach and Ted Kober is a blend of expert experience in psychological research and theology. Led by personal stories and real accounts, Unforgiveable? is a helpful guide on breaking out of the unforgiveness in your own life. Learn how to forgive yourself and others around you by seeing your own life portrayed in others' stories of their difficult life circumstances. Each chapter is framed around a central question to help you target a specific scenario or event that either you or a loved one have encountered. The questions include: 


How should I pray?
How does anger give opportunity to the devil?
What if they don't repent?
Does forgiveness release consequences?
What about abuse?
What if I can't forgive myself?
Is there any unforgivable sin?

Unforgivable? How God’s Forgiveness Transforms Our Lives

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