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The world tempts us to believe conflict resolution is all that is necessary. There are SO MANY books out there on conflict resolution. However, as Christians we are called to reconcile our relationships and not settle for simple conflict resolution. God could have resolved His conflict with sin by damning us all but by His grace, opted to reconcile us to himself through Christ. What difference does that make when we have conflicts today?


Conflict Resolution vs. Reconciliation is a NEW Bible study and conflict coaching guide from Ambassadors of Reconciliation. Great for individual, couples and group Bible study and coaching people through conflict! Approximately 140 pages (100 pages of main teaching material with 40 pages of answers in Leaders Notes). Each lesson features Bible study content, a major case study for discussion, and application questions for personal reflection. Each bible study includes one copy of Proclaiming God's Forgiveness.


Available in several formats!


Review the entire study here for FREE. Just login, or provide your name & contact info to review it online before you buy.


A Leader's Pack is also available that includes this study, and a thumbdrive containing powerpoint slides and companion videos to enhance your study.


Quantity Discounts!

  • $14 each
  • $11.95 for 10+
  • $9.95 for 25+


Conflict Resolution vs. Reconciliation is divided into six lessons, the first three addressing our reconciliation to God and the last three addressing our reconciliation with others. Click here for an interactive outline summary.


This study has been developed for three different applications:


• As a Bible study for small and large groups

• As an independent study for individuals or couples

• As an aid for coaching people struggling with specific conflicts, preparing them for reconciling with others on their own or through mediation


Conflict Resolution vs Reconciliation

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