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The Leader's Pack for the NEW Bible Study and Conflict Coaching Guide from Ambassadors of Reconciliation.


Included in the pack is:

1 Conflict Resolution vs. Reconciliation Bible Study

1 USB Flash Drive (PowerPoint, Videos, and Skit for leading the Conflict Resolution vs. Reconciliation Bible Study)


Conflict Resolution vs. Reconciliation is divided into six lessons, the first three addressing our reconciliation to God and the last three addressing our reconciliation with others. Click here for an interactive outline summary.


This study has been developed for three different applications:


• As a Bible study for small and large groups


• As an independent study for individuals or couples


• As an aid for coaching people struggling with specific conflicts, preparing them for reconciling with others on their own or through mediation


Note that each lesson likely will take 1.5 to 4 hours to complete in a Bible class format, depending on the amount of discussion utilized by participants. Because Bible study formats vary (from 45 minutes to 2+ hours per session), the number of sessions per lesson will vary.


As Bible study groups and leaders, take whatever time you desire. Allow for discussion time since much learning takes place while people are sharing their thoughts on particular topics.


The study is designed in a catechism format: Questions are presented for discussion, with multiple Bible passages providing insights from God’s Word. The Leader’s Notes in the back of this book are an integral part of the study, providing thoughts on how particular passages apply to each question.

Conflict Resolution vs Reconciliation Leader's Pack

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