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What makes a church healthy?

How can our lay leaders be equipped  as spiritual lay leaders?

How can we re-structure our church to be a healthy congregation?

Where can we get sample:

  • Constitution & Bylaws?
  • Policy Manuals for Elders?
  • Policy Manuals for Church Council?
  • Policy Manuals for School Board?


25 years in the making, this new Church Leader resource includes all of the above and more! Nearly 400 pages of study material and sample documents.


Learn more about the different components here. 


  • Built on the Rock (book)
  • 3-Ring Binder with:
    • Pre-Course Study
    • Spiritual Leadership
    • Structuring the Healthy Congregation
    • Preparing for Change in Structure
    • Sample Constitution and Bylaws
    • Sample Policy Manuals
  • Flash Drive with reproducible 3-ring binder contents


The entire contents of the Leader’s Pack binder are provided on a flash drive for you to print as many copies as you need for your congregation.


This includes all the sample documents for a three-board and a two-board  model. This facilitates adapting the sample constitution and bylaws and policy manuals to your church.

Built on the Rock Leader's Pack

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