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Built on the Rock

Reconciliation Conference Recordings

April 12-14, 2018 - St. Louis, MO

3 Plenary Speakers
28 Workshops

More than 30 hours of recordings!


Plenary Speakers:

Ted Kober, Ambassadors of Reconciliation
Ken Sande, Relational Wisdom 360
Brian Noble, Peacemaker Ministries


Conflict Resolution vs. Reconciliation (4 parts), Daniel Teater and Kristen Maloney
Fear's Impact on Reconciliation, John Richardson
Suffering through Reconciliation, Allison Pickering
Reconciliation Ministries in the Local Church, Dwight Schettler
Relational Wisdom, Ken Sande

Those Things We Crave, Paul Cornwell
Reconciliation Rooted in Our Identity, Dennis Reiter
Confession: A Cornerstone of Reconciliation, Rev. Ed Keinath
Group Reconciliation Assistance, Ted Kober
Path of a Peacemaker, Brian Noble

In _____ We Trust, Annette Friesen
Responding to Sexual Temptation in a High Tech Society (2 parts), Rev. Dr. Richard Thompson
Reconciling When They are Angry, Rev. Dr. Richard Marrs
Teaching Reconciliation in Foreign Cultures, Rev. Bruce Zagel

Forgiveness: A Cornerstone of Reconciliation, Ted Kober
Effective Coaching Homework, Annette Friesen
Careless Talk's Impact on Reconciliation, Dwight Schettler

Built on the Rock: Healthy Congregations, Ted Kober
Authority as a Tool for Reconciliation, Chip Zimmer
Family Confession and Forgiveness, Rev. Ed Keinath
Effects of Bitterness on Reconciliation, David Schlachter
Christian Reconciler Certificate Program, Dwight Schettler

After placing your order, you will receive an email with a link to download your recording files.

2018 Reconciliation Conference Recordings

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