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A Bible Study on Grumbling, Complaining, and Gossip...And the Solution


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Thought-provoking study guides people in discussing what the Bible teaches on a prevalent sin issue. Coordinates with the bookmark "Careless Talk” by Ambassadors of Reconciliation. Order bookmarks separately to give people something to keep in their Bibles to reference key verses in the future.


Do words really have power? It is important to control the tongue, not only to avoid hurting other people emotionally, physically, and spiritually. An uncontrolled tongue can also turn on the uncontrolled talker, corrupting the whole person, poisoning his or her mind and actions. This Bible study entitled Careless Talk rather than Gossip or Slander or other common descriptions explores how the words we use can either exacerbate or calm the conflicts we encounter daily. 

Careless Talk - Reproducible Bible Study

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