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(Ambassadors of Reconciliation, 2010) Forgive to Forgiven provides six weeks of daily devotions based on numerous Bible readings.  Forty-two daily devotions written by five different authors offer meditations on various topics related to reconciliation.  Readers will also benefit from ten additional prayers for specific conflict situations.


This devotion booklet is part of the Lifestyles of Reconciliation series, designed to help God's people appreciate the gift of reconciliation that is theirs in Jesus Christ and to improve their service as Christ's ambassadors in everyday life.

These six weeks of devotions are ideal for family or personal use, for staff devotions, to accompany any six-week Bible study, for special seasons for reconciliation such as Lent, or for preparing for reconciliation through coaching, mediation, or group assistance.


They are also available on audio CD


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Forgiven to Forgive Daily Devotions

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