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A Reason for Hope provides six weeks of daily devotions based on different Bible readings. Forty-two daily devotions written by ten different authors offer meditations on various topics related to hope and reconciliation. Readers will also benefit from ten additional prayers for hope in the back pages.


This devotion booklet is part of the series, Lifestyles of Reconciliation, designed to help God’s people appreciate the gift of reconciliation that is theirs in Jesus Christ and to improve their service as Christ’s ambassadors in everyday life (2 Corinthians 5:20).


These six weeks of devotions are ideal for:

  • Family and personal devotions
  • Staff devotions
  • Personal devotions to accompany any 6-week Bible study
  • Special season for reconciliation, such as during Lent
  • In preparation for reconciliation through coaching, mediation, or group assistance
    • Each devotion includes application questions, making them ideal for personal application and coaching homework
    • Topic index included, making it easy to identify devotions applicable to everyday issues such as anger, anxiety, etc


Enjoy devotions written by these experienced reconcilers:


Tara Barthel                             Rev. Dr. Dennis Reiter

Annette Friesen                       Dwight Schettler

Rev. Phil Heiser                        Rev. Dr. Richard L. Thompson

Rev. Ed Keinath                       Julie Wehrkamp

Ted Kober                                 Rev. Bruce Zagel


Review this devotional on-line HERE.


Learn to live, proclaim and cultivate lifestyles of reconciliation through the study and meditation of God’s Word.


A Reason for Hope Daily Devotions

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