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In Jesus' parable of the Prodigal Son, a forgiving father seeks to restore both of his sons.  The younger son demands his share of the inheritance then squanders it on wild living.  In desperation, the son returns to seek a servant position with his father, but the father restores him to full status as son and celebrates.  When the older son becomes indignant, the father seeks to restore him as well.  Requires 5 actors including a narrator.  Takes about 5 minutes.  If you decide to order this skit, an email will be sent to you with a download link.


Preview this skit here


General Audience

Includes children, teens and adults. Use these skits to enhance worship and study in such settings as:

  • Chancel dramas for worship 
    • Special season of reconciliation
    • Lenten series
    • For anytime of the year!
  • Church, Family or Leadership Retreats
  • Fellowship dinners
  • Bible studies


Teen Audiences

Target teens and their parents. These skits are great for:

  • Youth retreats and live-ins
  • Youth-led worship services
  • Youth Bible studies
  • High school chapels
  • Teen camps
  • Confirmation retreats


Children/Kids Audiences

Appeal to children up through middle school. Children’s ministries are enhanced through skits used in:

  • Children’s messages
  • VBS
  • Elementary school chapels
  • Sunday School
  • Could be done as skits or puppet shows

The Forgiving Father - Skit

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