Coaching People through Conflict

Getting to the Heart of Conflict

Real Life Exercise

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As part of this course training, you will have the opportunity to experience conflict coaching both as a coach and as a recipient with one of your peers in the training course. Please think of a conflict you have experienced (or may still be on-going) from your personal life. This form will be shared with the course instructors and the peer who will coach you. As you prepare, consider the following:

  • Commit to the Standard of Conduct for Christian Conciliators for this course.

  • Choose a conflict that allows you to share sufficient information without divulging sensitive or

    confidential information.

  • Choose a conflict where you already understand your contribution to it and/or understand the idols that

    drove you.

  • Avoid selecting a conflict with someone who may be attending this same class.

  • We encourage you to participate in this real-life exercise as it provides a rich learning experience. If you prefer to role play, then let your instructor know and we can provide a set of facts that you can role play.

  • Finally, remember the goal of this exercise is to provide a good learning experience for your student coach. Although we pray you are blessed in the exercise, the goal is not necessarily to resolve a long- standing issue in your life. Your coach will only have an hour with you!


Provide a brief description of your conflict using this form (this will be reviewed by instructors prior to the exercise).

1. Brief description of situation

2. Key material issues

3. Key personal issues

4. The other person(s) involved (first name or title only)

5. How you and the other person have responded to the conflict

6. Attempts that have been made to resolve the dispute thus far

7. What you hope your coach can help you with


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