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Please rate this reconciler on the following qualifications: 

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Listened to and seemed to understand the parties’ concerns

Was tactful

Displayed insight into the causes of the conflict       

Promoted understanding and cooperation between the parties

Was willing to confront firmly when necessary

Enforced agreed-upon ground rules

Used Scripture to guide and encourage the parties

Seemed committed to getting all of the facts

Refrained from favoritism between the parties

Promoted just and fair solutions

Made sure that all problems and concerns were dealt with

Encouraged reconciliation in appropriate ways

I recommend this reconciler

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As a Christian Reconciler, I am accountable to the community of christian reconcilers. If you have a significant concern regarding my service to you, and specifically if you believe I acted inconsistently with the Standard of Conduct for Christian Conciliators, you have the option to file a grievance through Ambassadors of Reconciliation.

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