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CCC Renewal Practium

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Stay current, meet your peers and receive valuable feedback!

NEW! In 2024

At a Glance

This advanced course is required for maintaining the designation of Certified Christian Conciliators™  every year. It is also available to all Christian Reconcilers™ to improve their skills. More than that, however, is this is a new way the world of CCCs can become better acquainted with one another AND learn from one another. An exciting aspect of this course is the opportunity for much greater transparency and community!

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"The [Teaching a Reconciliation] seminar is outstanding. You will not only grow as a teacher, but also be prepared to teach others how to live a lifestyle of reconciliation. If you want to get the message of peacemaking out to as many people as possible then you need to take this course!"

Former Student

Who Should Attend?

This advanced course is required for annual renewal of of the Certified Christian Conciliator™ certificate. But is is available to Christian Reconcilers™ wanting to upgrade their skills.


We are excited to offer this new course. It is a pure practicum experience where you will be challenged to:

  • Mediate a case

  • Be a party for two cases

  • Evaluate the mediation of 3 fellow reconcilers

You will not only gain experience of mediation, but will meet several of your peers and receive valuable feedback.

This course can be reported as 10 hours of Continuing Education!

“When I first learned biblical peacemaking, I thought it would change my ministry. It did much more – it changed my life!”

A Former Participant

Each Participant Will Receive

  • A professionally prepared PowerPoint presentation with embedded videos.

  • An instructor guide with PowerPoint slides and instructor notes built into the guide.

  • Permission to teach this material without a fee within the context of your own ministry setting.

  • Your students are required to register and purchase their course materials through Ambassadors of Reconciliation, so you receive a turn-key solution for offering to your students all of the benefits of Coaching People to Reconcile!

Those Who Also Have Been Designated as a Certified Christian Conciliator Will Also Receive:

  • LICENSE to teach this practicum online with or without a fee outside of their own ministry setting.

  • wholesale agreement to purchase AoR-produced products for resale during their seminars.

Prerequisite Training

To successfully complete this advanced training, you are required to:

Pre-Course Study

Upon registration, participants will be provided the following resources to begin their preparation:

  • Immediate access to a Christian Reconciler Renewal Practicum Resources page

  • Case Study of the case you will mediate

  • Case Study of the cases where you are a party plus secret facts for your parties to which you are assigned

  • Instructions for providing evaluations for fellow reconcilers

Attend This Event

This course is online and asynchronously delivered, therefore there isn't a calendar constraint. Registration is as low as $199.

Cancellation Policy

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