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Who are the Reconcilers who can help me?

Have you ever wondered who takes reconciliation training? A simple answer is anyone. Parents, teachers, spouses, church workers, laity, executives and camp counselors have all found this training to be life-changing. These are people just like YOU. An easier question to visualize is where are the people who have received reconciliation training?

Chances are, there is someone near you who has received reconciliation training. This map represents just a fraction of the training completed by Ambassadors of Reconciliation. The markers show only those zip codes where someone has completed reconciler training in teaching, coaching, mediating or adjudicating. In other words, training to assist others to reconcile. Within a given zip code, there are often many who have received training. You can view this interactive map yourself on our new Find a Christian Reconciler page. Zoom in or out as you need and filter based on your zip code. To protect privacy of these individuals, we are only revealing zip codes where there are trained reconcilers.

Our vision at Ambassadors of Reconciliation is:

One day, every Christian community will have in its midst trained reconcilers who can do these four things: teach reconciliation, coach people to reconcile, mediate and adjudicate disputes.

In the Fall we will be launching a new Christian Reconciler™ Certificate Program with the intent of recognizing people who fulfill this vision. If you are interested in being recognized as a Christian Reconciler™, please let us know here: Yes! I am interested in being a Christian Reconciler™. Those granted the Christian Reconciler™ Certificate will soon be able to opt-in to share more detailed contact information so clients may contact them directly. While this map appears full, we're just getting started! There is much work still to be done. Will you join us?

Because of these ambassadors, countless lives have been changed - for eternity. Marriages have been saved, parents reconciled with children, families reunited and entire churches have reversed the crippling damage of conflict. We are tremendously grateful to all those who respond to the call to be peacemakers!

While these people are Ambassadors of Reconciliation by virtue of their training, did you know there are MANY ways to get involved in the ministry of reconciliation? Check out the Get Involved page of our website to learn more ways to be an Ambassador of Reconciliation! In addition to seeking training for yourself, you can start a reconciliation Bible study, host a seminar or training, consider starting a reconciliation ministry at your church or even refer a friend to us for help. Of course we always need your prayers so anyone can be a reconciliation prayer warrior! See the Get Involved page for prayer requests that always apply to this ministry.

Finally, whether or not you are interested in being recognized as a Christian Reconciler, reconciliation training can benefit YOU! Check out our Fall Training Calendar and sign up soon! Don't forget, we can partner with you to raise funds for your registration fees!

If there is any way we may serve you, please let me know!

In Christ,


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