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A Coach's Initial Challenge

When you're contacted by someone for help, if you're like many reconcilers one of the first things you consider is how to get biblical teaching about personal peacemaking into their hands. What if you had an option that was:

  • FREE (included with your Christian Reconciler membership and no cost to your parties)

  • Immediate (you can set up private access to a recorded webinar immediately and send a link)

  • Interactive (as your party answers the application questions online, you can see those answers and respond as they go!)

  • Private (access to the session is limited to the individual(s) you specify and you as their reconciler)

  • Unlimited (set up as many of these private cohorts as you need, plus, include as many parties as you need in a given cohort!)

Now available to all Christian Reconciler membership levels is Private Personal Peacemaking Online Courses. These courses have at their core a recorded webinar of either:

As a Christian Reconciler, you can create a private link accessible only by you and the party you're serving that includes six (6) hours of teaching from your selected webinar PLUS the application/coaching questions from each lesson. In addition, as your party responds to those questions, you can privately see their responses as they complete the questions. You can even respond to their answers to coach them along the way!

We have been using these personal online courses in our own coaching with great success. As a Christian Reconciler, you can create as many of these individual links as you need. One for each party in the conflict. Similarly, you can create a course cohort of multiple people if you want them to work through the study together!

If you're a Christian Reconciler, I encourage you to login and check it out today. If you're not yet a Christian Reconciler, sign up for a trial membership and check it out!

We pray this is a blessing for you as you serve in this ministry of reconciliation.

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