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CCC Emeritus and Inactive Status Added

We are pleased to announce that we have (re)added the status:

  • Certified Christian Conciliator™ - Emeritus, and

  • Certified Christian Conciliator™ - Inactive

For those desiring to stay connected to the Christian Conciliation network yet retire from service after a minimum of seven (7) years as a CCC, we are delighted to recognize you with the status of Certified Christian Conciliator™ - Emeritus. You are no longer required to report any minimum case hours or continuing education but you just need to complete your annual renewal form, indicate your desire to move to (or maintain) your emeritus status and complete your renewal by purchasing a Christian Reconciler™ Membership. We will update your profile to indicate your honorary CCC - Emeritus status. We are delighted to have you included in this network!

For those who were previously certified but were unable to complete the required number of case hours or the required continuing education hours then you may still renew and be designated Certified Christian Conciliator™ - Inactive. This special designation allows you to stay connected to the network and strive to re-certify ASAP. Once you have met the minimum case work hours and the minimum continuing education hours in the previous twelve (12) months then you can renew again and once again be designated as Certified Christian Conciliator™!

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