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FREE Webinar! COVID & the Church—What can a pastor do?

Pastor Tim sat down on the couch in our office and looked so tired. We have known him for 10 years, active in ministry, dynamic in his teaching and preaching, creative in youth activities. His congregation loved him.

Today, however, he is very different.

  • No sparkle in his eyes.

  • Shoulders drooped.

  • Leaning forward, sitting on the edge of the couch with his elbows on his knees, looking down.

  • With tears, he begins to share ...

Can you relate to Pastor Tim? The effects of the pandemic have provided new opportunities. And yet, they have created new burdens, discouragements, and criticisms of the pastor.

Reconciler and marriage and family counselor Rev. Ed Keinath leads this informative and inspirational series.

Sign up today! You can participate live and be part of the small-group discussions or watch the recorded sessions on-demand.

*Tongue in cheek, of course! The life of the church is founded on the resurrected Christ, her chief cornerstone. Even COVID can’t kill Christ’s Church! This series reviews the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on our churches, considers what we have learned from our experiences, and reflects on what opportunities lie ahead for ministry.

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