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Running Toward the Fire

"I've never met people so willing to pick up a hose and run toward the fire!"

This comment was shared with me as our team was assisting a church embroiled in gut-wrenching conflict. It sums up well, the feeling of our team members as we engage a highly conflicted group. The difference is our protective gear isn't helmets and hoses but the Word of God!

If you have completed Coaching People to Reconcile and Mediating People to Reconcile (or equivalent courses) then please join us for our next Group Reconciliation Assistance Training beginning February 15. We'll meet Tuesday evenings for six (6) weeks.

Large group conflict is the most complex type of case for a reconciler. This course will stretch you just as serving on a Group Reconciliation Assistance team will stretch you. You will experience a “real” case in the course with hundreds of pages of preparatory reading and analysis. The case study is based on an actual case with names and facts altered to protect confidences. Just as in real life, you will experience the feeling of being overwhelmed as the course is intense. At the same time, you will also experience how the Gospel can transform seemingly impenetrable hearts, underscoring that we are but His instruments in this ministry of reconciliation.

Sign up today!

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