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Sonja Kober is Totally Healed; Living in Heaven

A couple days ago, we received this touching note from Ted Kober, our colleague and founder of AoR, about his wife Sonja's passing into glory:

This evening Sonja unexpectedly entered glory. Apparently her heart decided she had enough of this life’s sufferings. David and I happened to be home with her when she died, although the hospital listed the time later at the ER.

I am so grateful for the 44 years we had in marriage. I will miss her greatly, but I am thankful that her suffering is over. She can eat at the feast of heaven like never before, and certainly much more than the last many months. What the doctors couldn’t cure in her back is now healed. 

Sonja's obituary can be found here.

Her funeral will be Thursday December 21 at 11am MT at Trinity Lutheran Church in Billings, MT. It will be live-streamed for those not able to attend:

Ted has so many friends surrounding the ministry of AoR. He has served many thousands faithfully and I'm sure many will be surprised at this news and will wish to send condolences. Rather than post his address, you may send condolences to Ted Kober, c/o AoR, P.O. Box 81662, Billings, MT 59108. We will ensure they get to Ted.

We lift Ted and his family in prayer as they grieve this unexpected loss.

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