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Welcome Gary Friesen!

I am very excited to share with you that Gary Friesen has (re)joined the Board of Directors of Ambassadors of Reconciliation! He brings a wealth of experience to the board. He presently serves as Vice President/General Counsel for The Christian and Missionary Alliance. Prior to serving at CM&A, Gary held a a variety of positions at Peacemaker Ministries including Acting CEO, Executive Vice President, and Conciliation Director. Gary was the Peacemaker Ministries staff representative on our board when AoR was founded in 2004 so the board welcomes his return.

Personally, I worked under Gary's leadership at Peacemaker Ministries and look forward to his valuable insight as a board member. Few people possess his history and understanding of the Institute for Christian Conciliation so he brings a wealth of institutional knowledge and invaluable insight. He has many, many friends in our network!

Join me in warmly welcoming Gary to the team!

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Welcome (back) Gary,

What a blessing! May God guide and strengthen you as you continue ministering and making an appeal for His Peace.



Hey Gary and Dwight,

That is awesome news! My prayer is that together you impact many more lives for Jesus through the vast blessings of sharing the gospel of peace and the principles of biblical peacemaking with them.

Go team!




AoR could do no better than to add Gary Friesen to the board. He will be a wonderful asset and a blessing. This is really good news!


Phil Heiser
Phil Heiser
Feb 02, 2023

Thank you, Gary, for your willingness to serve again on the AOR board of directors. It is a blessing to have your wisdom, gifts, and experience provide additional leadership in the important months and years ahead for the ministry of reconciliation!

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