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A Three-Part Bible Study on Idolatry in Conflict


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This study looks beyond surface behavior to three heart idols that underlie our responses to conflict - fear, cravings, and misplaced trust. Features application exercises for self-examination and for confession and forgiveness. Coordinates with five bookmarks: "Fear,” "Cravings,” "Misplaced Trust,” "Confession,” and "Forgiveness” by Ambassadors of Reconciliation. Order bookmarks separately to give people something to keep in their Bibles to reference key verses in the future.

Consider also ordering the pamphlet Proclaiming God’s Forgiveness that will guide people through the application exercises.


Three idols that break the First Commandment – and which give rise to sinful responses in conflict. Learn how to recognize underlying idols in your heart so that you might confess them to God. Next, be empowered through Christ’s forgiveness to overcome idolatrous fear, cravings, and misplaced trust.

Fear, Cravings & Misplaced Trust - Reproducible Bible Study

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