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Ambassador Bucks!

Maybe it's time to fire our entire marketing department. "Ambassador Bucks," really?!? Is that the best you can come up with? Well, it's what we got. We're reconcilers, not marketeers, after all.

This week, we've been looking at various benefits of pursuing the credentials of Christian Reconciler™ and/or Certified Christian Conciliator™. Another benefit of joining the community is that it opens the door to partner with Ambassadors of Reconciliation and ICC to grow the community of reconcilers, and earn a few bucks - Ambassador Bucks! - for your own ministry of reconciliation.

Here are a few ways Ambassadors of Reconciliation and ICC can partner with you:

  • First, HALF of your paid Christian Reconciler™ Membership fee (e.g. your renewal fee) is returned to you as a coupon to use toward AoR resources or training. We do this as part of our mission to equip reconcilers for their ministry. This coupon may be used in our bookstore, for a training registration or even our AoR conference! It's a great way to fund your Continuing Education!

  • Second, as a 501(c)3 non-profit ministry, we depend on generous donors for roughly a third of our revenue. YOU can be a fundraiser for ICC and Ambassadors of Reconciliation through Crowdfunding! With a Christian Reconciler™ membership at any level, 100% of the funds raised through your Crowdfunding Campaign is made available to you for resources or training. This could mean you never have to purchase resources or pay for training or conference again! Start your Crowdfunding Campaign today!

  • Finally, we want to encourage you to encourage others to start the certification process by getting trained. When someone registers for Coaching People to Reconcile, they are asked if a Christian Reconciler™ or Certified Christian Conciliator™ encouraged them to take the training. Once a reconciler accumulates four (4) referrals to that course, the reconciler receives another $100 coupon for AoR resources or training! Encourage your friends to register for training today. They don't even need to leave home since it's online!

The thing that really makes these a community benefit is that they are all transferable! So, if you want to bless someone else in their growth as a reconciler, and you have unused, unexpired coupons and/or a crowdfunding balance, we'll be happy to transfer those to another conciliator or candidate of your choice! Imagine, you can use a crowdfunding campaign to establish reconciliation training scholarships if you want!

We have a LOT to share with you so we can't cover all the details, but please join us January 4th at 9:30am Mountain Time for an ICC Informational Webinar! Sign up today!

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