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Your Reconciliation Training Awaits You!

We're excited to share that Ambassadors of Reconciliation and the Institute for Christian Conciliation have published our Lifestyles of Reconciliation Training calendar through 2023. Never has there been such a complete line of reconciliation training available! Check it out and sign up today!

First things first; our Personal Peacemaking course, Conflict Resolution vs Reconciliation is always FREE online. Available as both an online and interactive course as well as a 6 hour webinar! You're encouraged to start there, or invite others to check it out!

In the next fifteen months, we'll offer our foundational reconciler trainings; Coaching People to Reconcile and Mediating People to Reconcile four (4) times!

Then we will also offer each of our advanced reconciler courses once in 2023! This includes a BRAND NEW course, Teaching a Reconciliation Seminar! Check out this lineup:

The community has been asking us for this for quite a while and we appreciate your patience! We look forward to serving you through this next year.

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