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This is a license for 25 or more students to study as a group! With 40 people, it's just $6.23 each!


This engaging and interactive on-line course will equip you for serving as a leader in Christ's church. Purchase now and begin your study immediately. Take it individually or sign up as a group - such as a board or committee - to study together


The information offered in this course is available in several formats. If you prefer a live presentation, we offer the Spiritual Lay Leadership Training seminar. You can also receive the same material as a study guide in chapter 2 of the Built on the Rock Leaders Pack. Choose the format that suits your church best!


Course Objectives


Objectives for this on-line training include equipping both professional church workers and lay leaders:


  • To be spiritually healthy and effective leaders.

  • To prioritize commitment for abiding regularly in God’s Word.

  • To make leadership meetings effective and meaningful.

  • To provide spiritual care for members and visitors.

  • For lay leaders to provide care for their pastors and other professional church workers.

  • To lead the church in being spiritually healthy – a church whose leadership and membership are solidly grounded in Christ, nourished by God’s Word, and apply it to their lives.



Course Outline

1. Congregational Leadership from a Spiritual Perspective

2. Meaningful and Effective Board Meetings

3. Caring for Our Pastors, Other Church Workers, and Their Families

4. Caring for Congregational Members

5. Leading a Devotion

6. Conclusion


You may also take this course as a GROUP and share discussion responses with one another! Review your answers together on-line or together in your board meetings!


Purchase an individual license here.

Purchase a GROUP license for up to 9 people here.

Purchase a GROUP license for up to 24 people here.

Purchase a GROUP license for unlimited number of people here.

Spiritual Leadership On-line Group Study (unlimited students)

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