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Workshop Instructor

Kerri Goss

Kerri Goss serves as Administrative Assistant at Ambassadors of Reconciliation in Billings, MT. She is a graduate of Simpson College and also attended Western Seminary. She worked in human resources and event planning before serving as the Training and Events Manager for Peacemaker Ministries. Most recently Kerri was a stay-at-home mom which she realized was the hardest job she has ever had. In this role Kerri had found reconciliation among young children to be an almost-hourly occurrence and has mediated and arbitrated many cases including the great “who has the rights to the song choice in the car” debate of 2019. She is recovering from older brother syndrome and is learning everyday of her desperate need of God’s grace. Though Kerri does not have hobbies she was once described as having the spiritual gift of “hanging out.” Along with her husband of over a decade, Andrew, they spend their time serving in their local church, managing events with all of their immediate family in town and discipling/cleaning-up after their three children.

Workshop Instructor

Dr. John Abbosey

Dr. John Abbosey has a career background in ICT Management and is a Researcher in Conflict Resolution. He received additional peacemaking and mediation training by Peacemaker Ministries in Denver, Colorado, in 2012. He has been teaching biblical peacemaking in various seminars for professionals, married couples, and in churches for about a decade now. Part of his responsibilities include serving as the Proprietor of Gallant Stars Academy, a member of the Directors of Family Impact Ghana, and the Board Chair of Haggai Leaders Ghana. He has edited fourteen books and authored or co-authored eight books. He also has a calling and passion for Bible exposition and marriage relationship enrichment. He is an ordained minister of the Gospel serving in his local church in Accra.

Workshop Instructor

Dr. Ernie Baker

Ernie Baker is married to Rose and the Lord has blessed them with six children (five married) and 14 grandchildren. He has the privilege of serving the Lord at First Baptist Jacksonville as the Pastor of Counseling Supervision and Equipping. In addition, he has the privilege of chairing the on-line undergraduate degree in biblical counseling at The Master’s University serving as an adjunct in the graduate program in counseling and as Director of Training for Overseas Instruction in Counseling. He is the author of Marry Wisely, Marry Well, Help! I’m in a Conflict and Help! Disability Pressures my Marriage. He has also contributed chapters to 5 other books and written many journal and magazine articles. Ernie is certified with The Association of Certified Biblical Counselors as a Fellow and is a conciliator with The Institute for Christian Conciliation.

Workshop Instructor

Oletha Barnett

Oletha Barnett is the owner of Conciliation Services, LLC and Director of the Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship conflict resolution ministry. She is the author of "Diversity of a Different Kind," as well as a theologian, attorney, and conflict resolution specialist. Ms. Barnett provides multiple services to help churches and parachurch organizations reduce the time they spend handling destructive conflict, giving them more time to increase ministry.

• Mediates conflicts for biblical resolution
• Trains individuals and organizations to better manage day-to-day conflict
• Trains on racial reconciliation
• Investigates and makes findings regarding sexual harassment and race discrimination allegations

Oletha was commissioned by the Elder Board of her church, especially for conflict resolution ministry services. She and her team of mediators help members biblically resolve conflict. The senior pastor awarded her the lay leader of the year for her conflict resolution work. In addition, she is an adjunct professor at Southern Bible Institute and College and a professor at Hunook Bible College International, teaching students in Pakistan, Uganda via Zoom. Her broad legal experience ranges from private practice to working for state and federal government.

Oletha serves on the Board of Peacemaker Ministries and is a Certified Christian Conciliator™, Institute for Christian Conciliation Certification Advisor, Certified Management Specialist, Certified in Christian Prevention Relationship Enhancement, and Certified Human Behavior Consultant. She holds a BS in Mathematics, Juris Doctor, and Master of Arts in Christian Education from Dallas Seminary.

Workshop Instructor

Bennie Bourn

Bennie Bourn is the Director of Biblical Counseling at Montana Avenue Baptist Church in Caldwell, Idaho. He is a certified biblical counselor with the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors and is currently working on certification as a Certified Christian Conciliator with the ICC. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his wife, three kids, and 11 animals. When not with them, he enjoys watching hockey and playing with Star Wars Lego sets.

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